Harakat, is derived from the Arabic language, in which it literally means ‘motions’. Harakat Management Consultancy (Harakat), specialised in implementing Compliance and Operational Risk Frameworks, understands that your business develops and adapts its products and services to your customers needs, at the same time your organisation is affected by changing and increasing regulatory requirements, it is here where Harakat is of added value to your organisation to help you assessing the impact of internal and external changes and identifying and implementing the most effective solutions costumized to your orginsations needs.

Harakat provides a wide array of services to organisations in both regulated industries (Financial and Energy) and non regulated industries, who proactively seek to promote compliance standards, educate their workforce and detect potential violations. We can also assist organisations in applications for regulatory authorisations, addressing identified compliance issues, and responding to inquiries, investigations and other regulatory actions.

We at Harakat believe that good risk management shouldn’t slow an organisation down, on the contrary, it should provide for a robust and risk aware organisation able to change gear when the opportunity arises or requires to do so, providing the organisation with a competitive advantage.

Risk Management should be an intergral part of your strategic and day-to-day processes. Harakat can help you get where you want to be, by assisting you with answering some key questions:

  1. What are your key processes and associated risks?
  2. How are your risks managed and what is your risk appetite?
  3. How are your risks reported and what are your KPIs?